Welcome to the statistics website of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


Statistics Belgium chaired the Council Statistics Working Group during the second half of 2010. Under the Belgian Presidency, substantial progress was made in several dossiers.

  1. Two proposals for regulations were adopted: the Regulation regarding the quality of statistical data in the context of the excessive deficit procedure and the Regulation on sea transport statistics.
  2. The Proposal for a Regulation on European Environmental Accounts and the Proposal for a Regulation on Tourism Statistics were closed at Working Party level. Negotiations with the European Parliament are ongoing for both dossiers. A first trilogue has taken place for Environmental Accounts; new trilogues are planned for both dossiers in January, under the Hungarian Presidency. If these are successful, first reading adoption in the Parliament could be reached in February.
  3. The Proposal for a Regulation concerning European Statistics on Permanent Crops was already discussed twice in the Working Party and met with considerable criticism from many Member States. On the basis of these comments, negotiations with the Commission are ongoing. The Belgian Presidency will hand over a complete dossier to the Hungarian Presidency.
  4. Finally, the recast of the Regulation on road transport statistics was introduced at the Working Party. It will be taken up again by the Hungarian Presidency.

The Presidency Team would like to thank all the partners involved in the process of the legal acts.

Also we wish our Hungarian colleagues a successful Presidency over the coming 6 months!


The Belgian Presidency team



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